Soliciting Student Feedback


2 thoughts on “Soliciting Student Feedback

  1. This quote:
    “I have to let go a little and say, “I tried my best. I supported them the best I could, and next year, I’ll do a little bit better. And I’ll be better because they helped me to become better.”
    Is the most important part of this entry and probably even a candidate for a “best mantra” to focus on all year. I do a little something like this too, though there are times during the year when I hit a low and it is difficult to be mindful of the big picture.

    • I think that mantra is definitely what gets me through when I think about how I wasn’t the best, most perfect teacher for ALL of my students at ALL of the moments… And then I remember that I’m also human, and I’m still learning and growing. I always apologize when I mess up, and tomorrow, I’ll apologize for the late dismissals on Thursday afternoons that so many of the kids commented on.

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